Copywriter, social media enthusiast, travel aficionado, sports-person, linguist, et al.

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Hello and welcome to my website! Here you can find my portfolio, CV, and a few other things about me.

My name is Hannah Kennell and I am a copywriter and social media enthusiast. I have experience in web content, creative writing, blogging, journalism, video scripting, promotional material, and so much more.

While a native Canadian I am currently living in London, UK on an ancestry visa. I am passionate about my work and keen on new opportunities where I can expand upon my experience and skill set as a writer.

Current location: London, UK

Origin: Hudson, Quebec, Canada

Favourite websites: Thrillist, London Grumblr, Codecademy, Hyberbole and a Half, …

Interests: Travel, Ultimate Frisbee, reading, cooking, languages, blogging, dogs, films, etc.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments, job opportunities, or just want to say hello!

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Hi, I'm Hannah, a London-based copywriter and blogger. I am a Canadian ex-pat whose interests range from food and travel, to ultimate frisbee, and sailing. As an avid traveller, food enthusiast, and sports-person I seek to write cutting-edge articles about athletes and sporting events, as well as travel destinations, tips, and culinary havens. If you like my writing and want to get in touch about freelance work or other job opportunities, don't hesitate to contact me!